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Terra Sol - Sweet Almond Cold Press Oil
This oil is elaborated with premium quality almonds that for having a small size are not able to be exported. This oil has a beautiful golden color and a smooth flavor. We recommend it to make salad dressings , for sauté white meats and fish, Also is excellent for making delicious cookies and cakes. 100% natural, healthy and energetic.
Price Per Bottle: 250ml £3.99*
Reference: TSSACPO01 Ordering Information
Terra Sol - Hazelnut Cold Press Oil

This oil is made whit the authentic wild hazelnut from the austral bushes of Chile. This oil is the healthiest oil in the nutritional market because contains more than a 75% of non saturated. fatty acids. This oil has a pleasing taste. We recommended to make salad dressing, for cooking fish in the oven, and to make delicious cakes and cookies.

Price Per Bottle: 250ml £4.59*
Reference: TSCHCPO02 Ordering Information
Terra Sol - Walnut Cold Press Oil

This oil is made with delicious roasted walnuts. It has a dark golden color and a delicious taste. This oil has it is origin from France, where it has been use for years to prepare delicious meals. This oil is recommended for gourmets. Especial for making fish or meta carpacchios, prepare delicious salads, everything that the chef of the house may create. Is energetic, healthy reach in non saturated fatty acids and prevent heart diseases.

Price Per Bottle: 250ml £4.19*
Reference: TSWNCPO03 Ordering Information

Terra Sol - Pumpkin Seed Cold Press Oil


this oil is made with the pumpkin seeds of the pumpkins of the central valleys of Chile. It has a characteristic amber-green color. In Austria is known as " green gold " because it does very good for health, especially for men with prostatic problems because contains a lot of zinc. The use of this oil is similar to the soya sauce, gives flavor to the soups and creams .To make salad dressing, we recommend to use with other vegetable oil, mustard and apple vinegar.

Price Per Bottle: 250ml £4.39*
Reference: TSPSCPO04 Ordering Information
*DELIVERY NOT INCLUDED: £2.00 Postage and Packing per unit will be added to your order
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